Hurshtown Alternative Power
14701 Hurshtown Road
Grabill, IN 46741
FAX 206-350-5536

   Here are some of the products I deal with:

·      12 Volt Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Fit standard bulb sockets, lots of light for a little bit of power.  Very reasonably priced.
This is Hurshtown's own line of CF bulbs.  Give them a try; you'll be glad you did.  I guarantee it!
Generous dealer discounts.  Guaranteed.



7W (12V) 10.45
7W-E12 (12V) 10.45
15W (12V) 13.18
25W (12V) 14.45
30W (12V) 15.25
45W (12V) 22.00
55W (12V) 25.80
7W (24V) 10.95
15W (24V) 13.68
25W (24V) 14.95
30W (24V) 15.75
45W (24V) 22.50
55W (24V) 26.30
7W-E12 (110V) 4.00








    Hurshtown bulbs are also available from these fine retailers:
      Grabill Do-It Best Hardware, Grabill Indiana

     Home Energy, Goshen Indiana
     Keim Lumber, Charm Ohio
     Lehman's, Kidron Ohio
Berlin Furniture, Millersburg Ohio
     Mount Hope Hardware, Mount Hope, Ohio

·         Efficient Refrigeration
I have two sources for efficient refrigeration, with units that run on 12 or 24 volts DC or 110 volts ac. The units can be a pure refrigerator or freezer or a combination unit, some are chest type, and some are upright. Sizes range from 4 cu ft to 19 cu ft.

These units are ideal for the energy conscious; essential for those living on home-made power.
    SunDanzer freezers - $100s less than Sun Frost, and ready for immediate shipment!
Same compressor as Sun Frost, possibly better insulated and these are chest-type units.   These don't lose so much cold air when the door is opened as with the upright Sun Frost.
    Sun Frost specs and pricing - 4 to 6 week delivery

·        INVERTERS for producing 110/220 volt AC household power from DC power stored in batteries.

Good for anything from portable power for laptop computers to whole house systems.   Quality sine and modified sine wave inverters manufactured by:
    Victron Energy     Installation pics!!
    Magnum Energy
    Xantrex Technology (formerly Trace Engineering, includes Heart, Prosine, XPower)

·         Solar Charge controllers
Most makes and models available (BZ, Trace and others). 
Some favorites that I stock:
Solid state MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) charge controllers by
BZ Products.

Whether you are just getting started, or have "been in the business for a while" here's an excellent place to find on all things solar:

Home Power Magazine , the Hands-on Journal of Home-Made Power.